Cindy Freeman

Cindy L. Freeman is retired from a forty-five-year career in music education and performance. Although writing fiction was a lifelong passion, she didn’t become an author until after the age of sixty. A native of central New York, she lives in James City County, Virginia with her husband, Carl. They have two children and five grandchildren.

 “I started writing poems, stories, and plays as early as elementary school,” Cindy says. “I was greatly inspired and encouraged by my seventh-grade English teacher.”

 “I enjoy creating fictional characters and getting inside their heads to make them convincing. Whenever I invent a character, the name comes to me instantly. It’s like this total figment of my imagination suddenly becomes a real person with a distinct personality and an entire back-story.” 

In 2009, Cindy published her first novel, Diary in the Attic.  

In 2012, she won first place in a contest of the local online newspaper, WYDaily, for her essay, “A Christmas Memory.” 

In 2015, High Tide Publications published her second novel, Unrevealed

In 2016, her short story, “Mama and the Wedding Cake” was published in the Virginia Writer’s Guild Journal.

In 2017, High Tide Publications published her novel, The Dark Room.

In 2017, she won first place in the Golden Nib contest for her non-fiction story, “Surviving the Cold War” sponsored by Virginia Writers Club.  

In 2018High Tide Publications published I Want to Go Home, her novel abouta Williamsburg family’s journey from middle-class comfort to homelessness.