Gwen Keane

Born and raised in the Northern Neck of Virginia I grew up in a rural community in the 1950’s. This was a dark time in America, a time of segregation, but because of the local culture, a loving, sharing community, I had no idea black people were not allowed to live like me. I left the area as an adult but returned every other week-end to see my grandmother who had raised me. Therefore, as my world grew, I began to reflect on what life had been like. I received my BA from Trinity University, and my Masters’ degree from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.
I spent 34 years working for the federal government, spending the last eleven years of my career as The Deputy Inspector General for the Naval Sea Systems Command.
My career took me all over the US and to Sweden and Austria. With my husband we have continued travelling all through Europe.
Now I am retired and enjoying writing—something I had always wanted to do. We live 1.5 miles from where I grew up. I sit on my dock overlooking the same creek I grew up sailing on, and the creek where the mute swans befriended us.
My days are spent writing and living happily with my husband, two dogs and 3 cats. Since I retired I have learned some new skills—how to assist with the birthing of a litter of pups, how to train my dogs using rewards so they are well mannered, how to enjoy canine dancing. Treme, my black English Lab, is the second certified therapy dog I have had. I call her my soul dog. And Carter Lee, our very intelligent little miniature dapple dachshund, is teaching me about the hound breed…and then along came Cowboy! Life is good living in such a beautiful place where we can enjoy nature at is best and I can write.
Local Color will be enjoyed by anyone who likes to laugh, recall the era of the 1950’s and learn about how races lived in harmony yet separate but took care of each other. Swan Wait, my first book tells the true story of how we developed an intimate relationship with a host of mute swans who found us and provided comfort during a very dark time in my life. My third book, How Cowboy Found His Forever Home, is my way of repaying my community.