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The Writers Guild of Virginia invites you to join us.

We celebrate authors and their contributions to the culture of literacy, ideas, and imagination.

The Writers Guild of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) organization. Member dues are used to pay professional writers for their workshop services, to maintain the website, to publicize our writers’ achievements,  and to cover the cost of office supplies and liability insurance. We are a guild of writers who believe in giving back to the writing community. Our professional members give their time, know-how, and talent to mentor other less experienced writers to help them evolve in their writing journey and ultimately attain publication success. 

Your membership in The Guild provides:

Critique Groups (member benefit) 

Our members are encouraged to participate in critique groups to strengthen their writing and editing skills. Participation begins by joining the WGV critique group.  This group submits material for review on the first Tuesday of each month, then meets on the second Tuesday to critique each other’s work.  As the WGV group grows, smaller critique groups branch out on their own, often specializing in a particular genre. There are several novel groups and a memoir group.

Members work online and/or participate in face-to-face critiquing. With both formats, there is a commitment for reciprocity. Participants who submit materials commit to reading and critiquing the materials submitted by others.

Newsletter (member benefit)

The Guild, the monthly newsletter is comprehensive with writing tips, upcoming events, information on writing contests (including those sponsored by external organizations), and a column celebrating the latest publishing successes of our members.

Workshops (open to the public)

The Guild sponsors in-depth workshops. These special events are scheduled and priced on a case-by-case basis. Our workshops are open to the public for $25 per session. Our members pay a fee of $5.00.

Launch Team (member benefit)

The Guild has launched a new program. Our Launch Team recruits members to review books written by WGV members shortly before publication. Launch Team reviewers will receive an electronic copy of the author’s book prior to publication, in exchange for giving feedback on the book and posting an online review.

Social Media Group (member benefit)

The WGV Social Media Group has switched from in-person meetings to an online presence. The Social Media Group is a benefit of being in the WGV, whether you live locally or have moved to another state. This new Facebook group has been set up. It is a closed group, so only members of the Writers Guild of Virginia can join. Members can ask questions, respond to questions, chat about social media problems (or victories) etc. Think of the group as a home base where it’s safe to post and get to know each other. Please be supportive of each other. Negative comments or inappropriate words will be deleted.

The Author Expo (open to the public)

Our annual book festival. Members receive a 25% discount on table fees.

High School Writing Contest (open to the public)

To support writing in schools, the WGV sponsors an annual writing contest among local high schools. Members volunteer to judge hundreds of submissions in fiction, poetry, and essay forms. Winners are given cash prizes and read selections of their work at the awards ceremony.

Anthology (member benefit)

An excellent venue for our members to earn publication credentials is with our own anthology, The Journal.  

Our members include novelists in all genres and categories, nonfiction writers, journalists, historians, and poets. The Guild welcomes traditionally published authors as well as self-published, independent authors.

We are a guild in the traditional sense of the term—a group of artisans who have come together to create an association of authority and influence. We give authors—who belong to an often lonely profession—a sense of community and belonging, with opportunities for sharing, networking, and conviviality.

Join now! $30 per year. Complete the form below and we will send you an invoice for your membership.