Judy Zummo

Judy Zummo was born in Denver, Colorado.  Her father, James Jackson, was in the military and stationed at White Sands where he was assigned to observe atomic testing.  Her mother was a registered nurse.

Judy’s father contracted Leukemia and died when Judy was young.  Her mother Trudy, remarried Sumner Jones, and the family moved to Pennsylvania.  Three additional children (two boys and one girl) were born.

The family lived in Pennsylvania until Judy was fourteen. They were relocated to North Carolina, where Judy graduated high school.  She attended college in Salisbury, North Carolina and transferred to William & Mary, where she graduated in 1966 with a degree in English, and a minor in math.  Apart from raising her two daughters, it was always her plan to be a teacher.  She taught both English and math for thirty years. She continues her teaching today as a substitute in the local public school system.

Judy has two daughters, Tonya, a general surgeon, and Andrea, an attorney.  When Judy’s older daughter Tonya was young, she had two imaginary friends named Hoeny and Hinky, who were pirates.  Whenever Tonya did anything wrong, it was Hoeny and Hinky who took the blame.  Judy recorded those stories, and they became the inspiration for the Henry and Hinky series.

Judy and her husband Michael, live in Locust Grove, Virginia with their dog.  They enjoy sailing, reading, and riding horses.